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Money Matters: Frugal Shopping Made Easy

Save time and money with this online shopping destination.

If shopping less is a money saving option you can't bear, then the take-away message from The Great Recession is to buy everything on sale. At first, digging through discount sites can be a bit daunting, but let-s face it—paying full price for food, clothes, electronics, etc. is so 2006.

Due to a tighter budget, your resident frugalista (moi) has resorted to coupon clipping, scouring her inbox for online coupon codes, shopping exclusively during sales and done comparison shopping. Despite a newfound love for sales and clearance racks, I was spending more time and energy finding the deal than I was enjoying my purchases! Luckily, a savings-savvy friend introduced me to a few websites designed to do all of this for you, which led me on my own search for the same types of sites. Among others, I found pricegrabber.com, sortprice.com and the most comprehensive of them all (and my favorite), eDeals.com.

eDeals.com brings discount shopping to a new level. It aggregates all of your favorite online shops (think Overstock.com, Saks.com and Dell.com, for starters) and allows you to compare websites to see which retailer has the lowest price for a specific item. You can also browse by retailer.

There are a few different ways consumers can save money on eDeals. First, they provide online coupon codes—the ones retailers often email to their subscribers offering free shipping or 10 percent-off promotions. These codes are entered at checkout for savings and are usually released to the customer only after a purchase is made or if you're on their email subscriber list. Second, eDeals scouts online sales that are already active (or starting soon), saving you precious bargain-hunting time. Keep in mind that some of these sales and codes are exclusive to eDeals, so it's definitely worth looking on the site just to check them out.

One of eDeals' newest features pits all their sale prices against current eBay auctions, which significantly increases buying options for almost all products. They've also teamed up with Valu-Pak to create hyper-local printable coupons for businesses close to your apartment or home. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save paper, making you economically and ecologically smart.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of eDeals is their up-and-coming shoe-oriented website, Shoeaholic.com. According to eDeals COO Michael Palso, this will be the one of the most comprehensive shoe shopping destinations on the Internet. With eDeals technology, Shoeaholic.com will aggregate your favorite shoe sites (Zappos.com, bluefly.com, etc.) and produce the lowest price for any specific shoe. You'll be able to shop by style, color and even by inches of heel height, making it the perfect discount destination for the finicky frugal shopper.

Fun fact: Women's apparel and shoes are eDeals' two top selling categories, thus many savvy women have already started saving. Keep it up, ladies!

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