Meet the Empowered Intern: A Day in the Life at Marie Claire

Think you know what it's like to intern at a major fashion magazine? Think again.

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Joel Barhamand

Ever wondered what it's like to score a coveted internship at a major fashion magazine? This summer's Marie Claire interns share the inside scoop, along with their favorite experiences, secrets to success, and how they get it all done with ease.

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Julia Thomas, Features Intern

Currently: Studying History at Scripps College

Her Experience as a Marie Claire Intern: "I love how many different assignments we're given—there's no such thing as a regular routine. And all the departments are collaborative and communicative with one another; it's a very focused, dedicated environment."

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Jacquelyn Beaulieu, Accessories Intern

Currently: Studying Marketing at Manhattan College

Her Go-To Gadget: "The Microsoft Surface 3 is like my own portable office. It's great to be able to check email and reach out to designers from anywhere."

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Chazz Inniss, Accessories Intern

Currently: Studying Magazine Journalism at Syracuse University

His Experience as a Marie Claire Intern: "I'm living every self-proclaimed fashionista's dream—I'm surrounded by luxury shoes, handbags, and jewelry All. Day. LONG! I love pulling press samples of accessories from the hottest designers."

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Joel Barhamand
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Rashad Minnick, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Fashion Merchandising and Design at the PhD level at Iowa State University

His Daily Routine: "Aside from checking email and breaking news, I'm constantly looking at images from the current runway season and tracking designer samples."

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Madi Boudinot, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Advertising and Public Relations at University of Central Florida

Her Favorite Marie Claire Memory: "Seeing my editor's work come alive—all our research and drafts turned into one stunning page. That, and Chelsea Peng's I Wore a Red Carpet Gown in Real Life for an Entire Week story on the website, because, well, #goals."

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Victoria Monaco, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Communications at Syracuse University

Her Stay-Sane Secret: "Technology! I always have my tablet with me—it has the same capabilities as a laptop but lets me use a pen to jot notes in meetings, so it doubles as my notebook."

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Joel Barhamand
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Alexa Boorstein, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Communications at University of Michigan

Her Advice on Being a Superstar Intern: "Make yourself known to the people you intern for and bring your best every day."

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Olivia Mosley, Marketing/Advertising Intern

Currently: Studying Marketing at Wake Forest University

The Best Lesson She's Learned So Far: "When people think of magazines, they tend to only think of the editorial side. There is so much more to publishing. Just today I learned that every single advertisement can take months of negotiating to secure!"

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Claire Smith, Marketing/Advertising Intern

Currently: Studying Marketing and Corporate Relations at University of Mississippi

The Best Part of Her Week: "Sitting in on strategy meetings with the entire Marie Claire team. It's so exciting—the women here are brilliant, inspiring, empowering, and supportive of one another. They embody the brand."

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Paris Harper, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Apparel/Textile Design and Arts and Cultural Management at Michigan State University

The Best Part of Her Internship: "My supervisor is the tech editor, so I'm always connected to keep an eye out for the newest gadgets. I love that I get to do research on products that may be featured in the magazine!"

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Dara Prant, Fashion Intern

Currently: Studying Sociology and English at the University of Texas

Her Favorite Trick: "I'm all about organization, so apps are my lifesavers. The Wunderlist distills everything into an easy-to-access checklist. Also, Fhotoroom essentially performs all the functions of Photoshop without possessing the skills of a seasoned graphic designer."

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Joel Barhamand
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Charlotte Spritz, Accessories Intern

Currently: Studying Art History at Barnard College

The Best Thing About Her Internship: "I'm constantly inspired! Everyone here has their own unique style and you'll never know what photographers, stylists and celebrities are going to be in the office on any given day. That's the coolest thing ever."

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Joel Barhamand
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Laney Langenstein, Marketing/Advertising Intern

Currently: Neuropsychology and Business at Vanderbilt University

Her Must-Know Tip: "Never show up to a meeting without a way to take notes. I use my Microsoft Surface 3 to keep a record of the conversation while being attentive."

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Claudia Guariglia, Marketing/Advertising Intern

Currently: Studying Marketing at Sacred Heart University

How She Landed Her Internship: "My professor has a contact with Marie Claire, so I was lucky enough to network and form a relationship that way. I followed up with persistence, simply because I knew this was the best internship I could have."

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Sophia Breyfogle, Marketing/Advertising Intern

Currently: Studying International Studies at Dickinson College

Her Day-to-Day: "I'm always connected. Researching online is a huge part of my internship, and in my downtime I dip into my inbox to catch up on theSkimm!"

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