5 Ways Looking for a Job Is Like Online Dating

High hopes and disappointment are par for the course.

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1. They're transactions

"You have to see yourself and be viewed as a commodity," said a colleague whom, before this comment, I would describe as Pharrell-like in his perpetual sunniness. "It removes your humanity." It's the same with job-hunting, which is just simple economics when it comes down to it: You're looking for work. Firms are looking for workers. EXCHANGE OF SERVICES FOR MONEY. We're all just living in one big textbook, didn't you know?

2. In an ideal world, both would be efficient processes that result in meaningful connections

Excuse me while I laugh like Mrs. Rochester, because IRL, this is not how it turns out at all. True, the memes make it sound like we think of work only as a Weekend Dalliances Fund, but deep down, don't we all want something real? I'm not so cynical yet that I'd say no, but Lord knows the roads to true love and professional happiness are both long and windy and laden with dick pics.

3. First impressions matter

Your face (or not your face). Your résumé. Neither of them give the best picture of the well-rounded, three-dimensional person you are, but that's how it is.

4. But you don't know what it's really like until you get there

Even when both parties have gotten to the point where they're like "Ayyyy. This is cool. Let's meet," it could still all go south when you actually start the job/date and you find out the weekly fruit deliveries and comfy nap chairs are a conspiracy to control every aspect of employee life. (Or that the guy looks nothing like his pic. There's that too.)

5. In the end, it's not about making your dreams come true :(

Like that cuttingly pragmatic Stanford economist dude said, you're looking for a great match, not perfection. But that doesn't mean you should stop trying.

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