Hillary Clinton: America's Gender Pay Gap Is "Distressing"

Women's empowerment isn't just an issue overseas, she said.

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Before her seemingly inevitable run for president, Hillary Clinton is spending time doing what she does best: speaking out on women's rights. At the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting yesterday, the former Secretary of State lamented America's lack of progress in gender equality.

"It's been quite exciting to see a lot of the changes that are going on but it's also been somewhat distressing to see how hard change still is, including in my own country," Clinton said. She cited recent Census numbers that showed women made 78 cents to every dollar men made last year – an improvement by just one penny. "So when I talk about this, I'm not just talking about somebody else in some other region of the world," she said.

In another panel discussion, President Bill Clinton pointed out that around the world, the best change has come "at the bottom of the economic pyramid" and not necessarily when a woman is president. In Peru, a project to get women to start businesses has propelled poor families to the middle class.

So although America may have a female president soon, it's going to take a whole lot more work to get women ahead in the boardroom.

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