11 Things We Won't Ask You to Do to Save Money

model carrying a dollar bill purse walking dog wearing a dollar sign cape
Karin Catt

1. Grow your own food. (Last time we checked, our dirty-martini tree and molten-chocolate-cake bush weren't exactly thriving.)

2. Attempt at-home spa treatments. No one but a trained professional gets near the lady bits with a bowl of hot wax.

3. Cancel cable. Sometimes Flip This House and a box of Franzia are the only friends you need.

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4. Steal.

5. Eat out less. By the time you've driven all over town for that saffron for your seafood risotto, you've blown the $4.25 you'd save by making it yourself.

6. Haggle at Steve & Barry's.

7. Rent out a corner of your 230-foot studio apartment to a German exchange student.

8. Buy a "gently worn" bikini on eBay.

9. Buy your Prozac on Craigslist.

10. Cancel Netflix; invite friends over for a shadow-puppet rendition of National Treasure instead.

11. Start a tinfoil ball.

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