Yes, You Can Think Think Your Way Out of Stress

Three brainy tips from Mary T. Browne, psychic and author of The 5 Rules of Thought.

Your boss is screaming at you, anxiety is pulsing through your veins, and there's no time to get to a yoga class. What can you do to eliminate stress at the moment of impact? Try out these simple exercises to see which one works for you. What have you got to lose? They don't cost a dime.

Focus on harmony.

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and focus your mind on the word "harmony." Keep repeating the word "harmony" over and over in your mind. Concentrate on harmony. When we are in harmony, we are at peace with our inner self and our external world at the same time. As you continue to focus on the word "harmony," you will quickly feel the stress leaving your body.

Think pink.

Close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the color rose, a beautiful shade of pink. Keep your mind on this color. Breathe. Now see this beautiful color surrounding you. Imagine yourself enveloped in a blanket of rose. Keep your mind on this color and breathe slowly. Don't worry if your mind strays; just keep bringing your thoughts back to the warm, loving color of rose. This will have an amazing, calming effect on you.

Light a candle.

Have a candle handy? Light it up. Don't be a pyromaniac and burn the office building down, but get a small flame going and quietly focus on it while it flickers. If there's no candle in sight, then simply shut your eyes and see the flame of the candle in your mind's eye. Repeat the word "flame" to help you focus. Concentrate on the candle until you feel more tranquil. Trust me: It may take a little practice, but these exercises work.

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