10 Thoughts All Women Have During the Workday

You are not alone. Trust us.

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1. It's morning already? This is madness, I tell you.

2. I have a very important meeting today and a very specific outfit to go with it.

3. Do you think anyone will notice I wore this on Tuesday?

4. Can't talk right now. Can't talk right now. Can't talk right now. Can't talk right now.

5. Is 10:30 a.m. too early for lunch?

6. Just owned that presentation, thank you very much.

7. When should I ask for extra money to go along with all that extra work you just built into my job?

8. Note to self: When someone asks "How are you doing?" stop answering with "I'M SO TIRED!"

9. I've spent more time with my coworkers this week than anyone elseā€¦so there's that.

10. Must.Find.Water.

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