Nicki Minaj Is Hardcore Crowdsourcing Wedding Ideas on Twitter


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Thoroughly modern gal Nicki Minaj probably has a secret Pinterest like Channing Tatum (latest pins: Gwen Stefani's pink dip-dyed Galliano gown, a ketchup fountain for dunking Big Macs), but she's also letting the internet influence her wedding planning in a different, totally 2015 way.

With a tweet to her 20 million followers Sunday afternoon, the future Best Actress contender opened the floodgates to rampant speculation about her forthcoming marriage to maybe-fiancé Meek Mill—that and whether she'll say her vows in a cathedral or on the sand in her native Trinidad.

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Meek still has to present her with two more massive rings, which, if you've also got a lot of feelings about what her dress should look like, leaves just enough time to make a mood board/948-slide Powerpoint presentation. 

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