Nicki Minaj Is Apparently a Swiftie, and Would Collaborate With Taylor Swift “In a Heartbeat”

Minaj sung Swift's praises on social media.

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj
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There is nothing we love to see more than women supporting women! In an industry where women are constantly scrutinized and criticized, it is refreshing to see artists standing up for each other. And we got to witness this just yesterday when Nicki Minaj took to Twitter/X to hype up her fellow musician, Taylor Swift.

Minaj had previously received some raised eyebrows from Swifties for seemingly calling out their beloved singer-songwriter, when she discussed how only Swift's vinyls were to be found in record stores rather than vinyls of her new album, Pink Friday 2. Let's also not forget that this isn't the first time Swift and Minaj have had beef.

Minaj took to Instagram Live to clarify the matter and explain what she actually meant.

"It's my fault," she said. "I shouldn't have said anything on Twitter the other day and I take full accountability for it. Understand this, you guys. Yes, you guys are angry because when you go to the store, you see Taylor Swift vinyls and you don't see my vinyls. This is the other thing. My label gave me a choice of putting out an album, doing it during the Christmas season."

Minaj explained to fans that this is simply how the industry works, and especially to be expected in rap sales.

She could have left it there on a perfectly cordial level, but Minaj wasn't done yet. She then took to Twitter to share her love for Swift in a series of posts celebrating the Sagittarius queen (her words, not mine), and applauding Swift's hard work and dedication.

"The SAG QUEEN TAYLOR DESERVES!!!! PERIOD!!!!! She takes months & years off then comes back with great music & fans who'll never leave her!!!! The END!!!!!!! I was simply discussing vinyls w/the barbz due to questions they had for me..." Minaj wrote.

She added "We broke the record in vinyl sales for any female rap album in history. That means that retailers had no way of knowing that the vinyls would be in such high demand. Either way, now they do! That's a marvelous thing! Taylor & her fans have put in the work. Now it's our turn."

"This is a CELEBRATION!!!!!"

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We love to see it!

But it gets even better. When asked if she would ever collaborate with Swift, Minaj quickly responded with a short yet decisive answer: "In a heart beat."

Can you even imagine this collaboration?

This writer can! I feel like Minaj would be the perfect addition to Reputation (Taylor's Version), perhaps featuring on one of the vault tracks. Minaj captures everything that Reputation stands for.

Knowing Swift's penchant for Easter eggs and leaving clues for fans, one could even wonder if this entire incident is just a big promotion for the biggest collaboration of their careers to date, now that any rumored "Bad Blood" has clearly ended.

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

(Image credit: Getty Images)
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