Caitlyn Jenner *Might* Be Launching a Makeup Line

Your Lip Kit is clutching its pearls.

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Prepare your body in the most literal way possible, because it looks like Caitlyn Jenner might be debuting a makeup line. The LGBTQ activist and former Olympian has filed a trademark for exclusive rights to sell beauty products under her name, covering everything from cosmetics, to fragrances, to nail polish and skincare.

TMZ reports that Caitlyn doesn't have immediate plans to start a brand, but her interest in beauty is well-noted—she even keeps her Olympic medal in her makeup drawer. 

Caitlyn is far from the only member of her family to make inroads into cosmetics. Kylie Jenner recently launched Kylie Cosmetics (Land of the Lip Kit), while Kendall Jenner just released her debut glow-in-the-dark eyeshadow palette with Estée Lauder. Consider this an industry takeover.

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