Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's $14 Million Home Is a "Humble Cottage" Compared to Neighboring Houses, Tina Brown Claims


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Nobody has ever accused royal biographer Tina Brown of mincing her words.

Continuing her streak of extreme candidness, the author made a claim that is sure to ruffle some feathers while speaking at the Henley Literary Festival: that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are basically poor by their neighborhood's standards.

"It’s not very pleasant to be a D-list celebrity who, for them, doesn’t have enough money. It’s a wholly different game to be with those super-rich people," Brown said (via the Telegraph).

"In Montecito, where they live, their $14 million mansion is a humble cottage compared to what these other people have."

The Palace Papers author also implied that the Duchess of Sussex might like to go out with Elon Musk instead, since he is the richest person in the world. That's... a bold thing to say.

Brown made these comments in response to the news that the Sussexes are reportedly looking to move to the even swankier area of Hope Ranch, where multimillion dollar houses abound.

The duchess received criticism when she revealed to The Cut that she and her husband didn't originally think they could afford their current home after being financially cut off from the Royal Family.

"We were looking in this area [Montecito], and this house kept popping up online in searches," she said. "We didn’t have jobs, so we just were not going to come and see this house. It wasn’t possible. It’s like when I was younger and you’re window shopping—it’s like, I don’t want to go and look at all the things that I can’t afford. That doesn’t feel good."

Eventually, though, they were able to scrape together the funds to secure the home. With their media projects, they now have an income that allows them to maintain it (though whether some of these projects will actually go ahead remains to be seen).

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