5 Foolproof Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

The struggle is *too* real.

6 Ways to Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day Long

Don't be that girl with one wonky wing.  

14 Signs You Should Ask Him Out
Just stop playing coy and do it.
How To Get Sexy Hair
Get Shiny Hair Now
It all depends on texture.
paris hilton
How To Fake a Tan
When it comes to tans, faking it is the best way to go. How to get y…
black and red bikini bottoms
Bikini Line Dilemma
Our experts share their pro tips for dealing with a hairy situation.
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Avoid Cakey Face Powder
Someone need a beauty hug?
High-Tech Haircolor Help
Someone Need a Beauty Hug?
model in black and white dress
Dressing for a Gala Event
Fashion advice
How To Get Long Eyelashes
Extensions are no longer limited to the hair on your head---now, you can get eyelash extensions too. But are they safe?
What To Wear To A Wedding
Fashion advice
Career Wardrobe Makeover
Fashion advice
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girl with long blond hair
Summer Care for Dry Hair
Is the summer sun and ocean water taking a toll on your hair? Check out these pro tips for handling dry summer hair.
Razor Burn
Bikini-line razor burn can definitely put a damper on your Caribbean winter vacation. We ask a cosmetic dermatologist for trick to beat…
Preventing Back and Chest Acne
As if breakouts on the face weren't bad enough, back and chest acne is a common problem, especially in the summer. Prevent it with thes…
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Make Your Makeup Last
When it comes to long-lasting makeup, layering is key. Our tips on putting your makeup in its place---and how to keep it there.
Big Beauty Trends: Eyes
How To Hide Dark Circles
Lighten up! With just a few products and our pro tips, your dark circles and extra (eye) baggage will disappear in the blink of an eye.…