Make Your Makeup Last

When it comes to long-lasting makeup, layering is key. Our tips on putting your makeup in its place---and how to keep it there.

Layering is the key to lasting makeup, says New York makeup artist Sandy Linter. The most important thing when applying the layers is to have a light touch. This keeps your look fresh and natural.

The first layer -- cream or liquid foundation -- should be applied with a sponge in order to thin it out. Only apply makeup to the areas of your face that really need it -- avoid a "makeup mask"! Next, apply loose powder. If you only want the powder in certain areas such as the nose and chin, apply with a powder puff for more control. If you want to use the powder to blot the shine on your whole face, apply with a powder brush. Linter recommends M.A.C. makeup brushes. Finally, apply powder blush onto your cheeks.

There is no way to avoid having to reapply your lipstick at least once during the day. But to make it last longer, first apply a thin layer of foundation to lips. Line and fill in your whole mouth with a neutral lip pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick, blot, then finish with a light layer of gloss.

For lasting eye makeup, first use a sheer, neutral-colored powder shadow as a base. Next, apply liner, followed by another light layer of powder eye shadow. Apply one coat of mascara, allow it to dry, then apply another coat. If you are having trouble with flaky lashes, try applying a coat of eyelash primer before your mascara. Linter recommends Estée Lauder Eyelash Primer.