breast implants

Bachelor Alum Lesley Murphy Gets Double Mastectomy

Murphy, whose mother survived breast cancer, tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene.

Breast Implants Will Now Come with a Scary Cancer...
The silicone inserts have been linked to a rare lymphoma.
kate upton
Plastic Surgery: Did She or Didn't She?
With new advancements in breast augmentation from stem cell injecti…
plastic surgery
The History of Plastic Surgery
With cosmetic modifications dating back to the ancient Romans and Eg…
kate hudson
Do Men Actually Prefer Smaller Boobs?
Maura's male friends weigh in on whether size matters ... for breast…
model with one gloved hand and a medical needle in the other
Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Nip, tuck, fill, freeze--the promise of eternal youth has never been so great. But in today's hurting economy, greedy doctors are cutti…
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woman in lace bra
My Best Friend's Boob Job
When my soul mate went under the knife, I had to wonder: What about me?