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Cameron Diaz's Excellent Adventure
Cameron Diaz and MC executive editor Lucy Kaylin lit out for America to learn what worries us most about the environment.
cameron diaz photo
Cameron Diaz's Photo Gallery
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The Eco-Chic Living Guide to Be More Green
Here is your green guide to eco-chic living.
three women in neutral colored skirts and dresses from donna karan collection
Go for Natural Accessories
...and go neutral.
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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products
Do you trust Mother Nature or a lab coat?
The best shoes, bags, and jewelry of the season
What Is a Carbon Footprint?
Figure out what it all means here.
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Carbon Footprint: Whose Is Smaller?
How do you stack up?
World Wildlife Foundation
Green is the New Black
Spread the word about global warming with this t-shirt.
Q&A With Nell Newman
Q&A With Nell Newman
All about organic farming