The Cast of 'Kevin Can F**K Himself' Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

Annie Murphy sure has done a lot of strange things to famous people.

As a certified famous person, you'd think Emmy-winner Annie Murphy would know how to conduct herself around other bold-faced names—but then you'd be wrong. Very wrong.

The actress admitted in a round of Marie Claire's "How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?" that she's done several mortifying things around celebrities, from licking the sweat from Chris Martin's wrist—you read that correctly—to bawling her eyes out at a Backstreet Boys' concert (to be fair, she was a kid then).

The most surprising part about all of this is that Murphy's co-stars from the new, spectacular dark comedy Kevin Can F**K Himself, Mary Hollis Inboden and Raymond Lee, weren't at all shocked to learn about Murphy's embarrassing antics. In fact, the trio outed several more surprising, hilarious things about each other during the game. (Come for Murphy's goofy expressions, stay for Lee's dog tattoo.)

In a recent cover story with Marie Claire, Murphy opened up more about adjusting to life as a celebrity, saying she still can't believe she's now paparazzi fodder. “It’s weird to be this person now. Because going into [acting], it wasn’t fame at all that I was after,” she said. “I certainly took anonymity for granted. It is a strange thing to know that you go somewhere and people are looking. And I know that sounds kind of like a silly statement, to be aware that you’re being watched.”

Watch the cast spill all their funniest secrets in the video above, and catch Kevin Can F**K Himself streaming Sundays on AMC+.

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