Worth It: Chanel 22 Handbag

A modern handbag that has staying power.

The newest handbag from Chanel, the Chanel 22
(Image credit: Chanel)

Welcome back to Worth It, a breakdown of the new pieces we adore. If it's featured here, consider this our permission to splurge on it. Read on for the product you don’t want to live without.

For Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, who often prioritized pragmatism over fussiness, beautiful handbags still needed to be functional, and hands-free bag options were crucial. That practicality translates to the French house's newest It bag: the CHANEL 22. Aptly named for the year of its release, the modern carryall is functional and lightweight and evokes a playful summer ethos. 

Crafted with care but not too precious, the timeless style can be conveniently worn across the shoulder and closes with a magnetic button, a simple drawstring, and an inside zip pocket with a removable pouch. "Ever loyal to Gabrielle Chanel's desire to give women freedom of movement and spirit, the CHANEL 22 bag is for daily life," the house explains. 

The shape—a departure from the structured silhouette of a classic flap bag—comes either with a roomy tote structure or a backpack version, ideal for warm-weather adventures day or night. The luxurious exterior showcases the house's signature quilted leather and a metal chain interlaced with leather, adorned with a Chanel Paris medallion and the signature double C. For summer, the CHANEL 22 is available in navy blue, purple, two shades of pink, white, and black.

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