The Jewelry Trends for Spring 2021, Straight from the Runways

From crushed metals to show-stopping earrings.

Spring Fashion 2021
(Image credit: Getty Images)

With the exception of hand-beaded chains for your mask, jewelry has been overlooked for the larger part of the past year. Despite this, designers sent a mix of gorgeous styles down the runway for the new spring season, ranging from casual jewelry to black-tie baubles. We saw beach beads at Etro and Versace, show-stopping XL earrings at Dolce & Gabbana and Ulla Johnson, and so much more. Once again, designers tried to sell us on mini bags as necklaces, but the question remains: Are we buying it? You decide. Below, five trends from our four favorite fashion cities to invest in now.

Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.