Caitlyn Jenner Hired a Big-Deal Stylist for Tonight's ESPY Awards

And considering who it is, we're expecting a MAJOR red carpet moment.

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In an early trailer for her documentary series (opens in new tab), Caitlyn Jenner says she's only beginning to learn about "all the pressure women are under all the time about their appearance." This is especially true for female celebrities, which might be why Jenner has reportedly hired a top celebrity stylist to dress her for Wednesday evening's ESPYS.

According to Us Weekly (opens in new tab), Jen Rade, the mastermind behind the Angelina Leg, could be responsible for continuing Jenner's style streak (opens in new tab) as she accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award (opens in new tab) tonight. Although the only other details the publication's source would divulge were that the ensemble would be 1) custom and 2) ivory (!!!), precedent tells us she'll choose something classic and feminine with a touch of playfulness.

Whatever she wears, it'll be another milestone (opens in new tab) showing us that Caitlyn Jenner is finally getting to be who she was all along.

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