8 Stylish Gifts for a Globetrotter Stuck at Home

Worldly gifts they'll be able to enjoy anywhere.

Collection of Globe Trotter Gifts
(Image credit: Future)

Anyone can be a global citizen—whether you’ve physically traveled all seven continents or are perpetually engrossed by articles and books about other cultures. This year, with more of us falling into the latter camp, we’ve cast a wide net to find unique and stylish gifts that’ll please those endlessly curious about the world. Included are some philanthropic pieces exclusive to World Vision that help fund initiatives benefitting underserved, impoverished, or most vulnerable communities. Shoppers can find specially curated gifts for loved ones who’ll appreciate the charitable deed as much as the beautifully crafted jewelry or striking piece of handcrafted decor. Ahead, explore 8 gifts for anyone who dreams of seeing the world, and leaving a positive imprint on it, too.