These Reporters Reacting to Sean Spicer's Assad-Hitler Comparison Are All of Us

Ashley Parker and April Ryan get it.

Many people experienced a range of emotions from shock to outrage when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer claimed Adolf Hitler didn't gas his own people "in the same way" Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad did. But few captured this rollercoaster of feelings quite like a couple of the reporters who were actually in the room during Spicer's Tuesday press briefing—most notably, the Washington Post's Ashley Parker and American Urban Radio Networks' April Ryan.

After video of Spicer's horrifying remarks on Hitler and the Holocaust started going viral, a few people couldn't help but notice that Parker and Ryan made absolutely no effort to hide their shock over what was coming out of his mouth. A GIF of Parker's reactions to Spicer's remarks shared by @purpledocket soon began circling Twitter as many agreed it was the perfect depiction of how everyone who'd watched the briefing was feeling.

Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that Ryan's reaction to the whole thing was just as worthy of getting a shout-out — given that halfway through Spicer's answer, she actually started looking around the room in shock over what he'd said.

Soon after, many were praising both women for letting their true feelings on Spicer's remarks be known.

Others pointed out that Parker and Ryan's reactions were pretty similar to a couple beloved memes from this year—most notably, Winona Ryder's rollercoaster of emotions at the SAG Awards and everyone's favorite blinking guy GIF.

Both journalists have since responded to Spicer's remarks on their own terms, with Parker taking to Twitter to condemn them and Ryan to CNN.

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