How Attending a Career Panel with Mika Brzezinski Could Seriously Help Your Career

Mika Brzezinski may have just made someone's career.

The MSNBC host, who has authored multiple books on women, work, and getting paid her value,ended a career panel at Columbia University on Tuesday night with quite the move.

Capital New York reported that when a young female CBS correspondent asked Brzezinski for some career advice after the event, Brzezinski listened to her question but took out her iPhone to make a call.

Unaware of what was going on, the young woman stopped talking, which allowed parts of Brzezinski's phone call to be overheard. "She'll be in your office for 5 minutes to talk," Brzezinski reportedly said. "She is languishing in her current job." Though it remains unclear as to who Brzezinski called, it became obvious that the MSNBC host called someone high up at CBS to take a meeeting with the young reporter.

When Capital New York asked Brzezinski what she had just done for someone she hardly knew, the MSNBC host responded, "Because that's what women should do for each other, anyone should do for anyone! And because I can." Speaking of the young correspondent, Brzezinski said, "I can tell she's going to be a star. She just needs a break. I made the meeting. I would have loved for someone to have done that for me, let me just tell you."

In a word: awesome.

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