Stalked Student Speaks Out For The Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon

In a nation that's crying out for stricter regulations on gun control, one college student is supporting legislation that would allow her to carry a concealed weapon on campus. Taylor Woolrich, a Dartmouth College student who has been a victim of stalking for the past four years, recently spoke out at a conference to attest to the need for a law that would allow her, and student like her, to carry a concealed weapon on campus.

In a nine-minute speech at the Students for Concealed Carry, Woolrich shared her constant worries that her stalker would return to haunt her, and why she thinks that carrying a gun would add an extra layer of security. "Do I need one to protect myself from him? Potentially," she added. "Do I want to take that risk? Absolutely not."

Woolrich met her stalker at the end of 2010 when she was working at a coffee shop in her hometown of San Diego. Since their meeting, 67-year-old Richard Bennett has attempted to attack Woolrich's former boyfriend, chased her to her car, and showed up at her front door multiple times. His harassment didn't end there. The harassment continued across the country when she started at Dartmouth, at home in San Diego, and over the internet. It was these actions that resulted in an emergency restraining order that runs out this month after its three year limit.

Dartmouth College forbids the presence of nearly all weapons on campus, and Woolrich's requests for an exception to the rule have thus far been denied. What this all goes back to once again is violence against women. Perhaps if there were better regulations in place to protect women like Woolrich against stalkers and violent crimes—like making stalking a crime someone can be arrested for, or restraining orders that extend beyond three years—then a concealed weapon would be less of a necessity.

Watch Woolrich's speech below and decide for yourself what the school's next step should be.

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