The History of Guyliner

What separates the men from the boys.

As far as male grooming is concerned, there is but what one trend that separates the men from the boys: guyliner. No matter what kind—be it clean and classic or smudgy next-morning status—the look, much like the man wearing it, is a force to be reckoned with. Here, celebrate each and every male gaze gone rogue because let's face it, they're giving us gals a run for our money.

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1 Seti I, 13th Century B.C.

Pharaoh Seti I, like all men of the ancient Egyptian upper class, would sport black kohl liner to protect his eyes from the sun. It was normal practice to accentuate the shape of the eye by extending the thick wings of the liner beyond the lids.

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2 Charlie Chaplin, 1915

As part of the get-up for his most famous on-screen character "The Tramp," Chaplin would heavily line the rims of his eyes and blend for a smoky effect. He believed it had a comical, cartoon-like effect.

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3 Rudolph Valentino, 1920

The Italian-American actor was known as the "Great Lover" of the 1920's thanks in no small part to his vampy eyeliner. The silent film heartthrob was as masterful with classic kohl pigment as he was at making the ladies swoon.

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4 David Bowie, 1973

It's no secret—Bowie was mad for makeup, especially during his Diamond Dog days. Depending on the day or his persona,the gender-bending singer would emphasize his blue eyes with a subtle swipe of brown pencil along the lower lashline or a super-heavy application for the stage.

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5 Mick Jagger, 1972

Jagger may have only rocked the look in the late '60s and early '70s, but he definitely knew his way around a smoky swoop. His slightly-effervescent cat eye is what our Saturday night dreams are made of.

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6 Steven Tyler, 1976

We do love ourselves a good Steven Tyler beauty tip (have you seen those cheekbones?), so naturally we're in awe of the meticulously-perfect cat eye he worked in the '70s. These days, it's a little more morning-after.

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7 Boy George, 1984

Boy George's harlequin aesthetic was certainly a game-changed for guyliner. He took the borrowed-from-the-girls look to new heights in the '80s with artfully-etched arrow flicks.

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8 Keith Richards, 2004

We know Keith Richards and Johnny Depp are kindred spirits and they can both swipe on eyeliner with aplomb. Richards is all about the quick, I-don't-give-a-f**k scribbly lines.

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9 Billie Joe Armstrong, 2004

With his devil-may-care approach to fully-lined eyes, Armstrong epitomizes smudgy punk rock eyeliner—especially when he uses it as a pick-up line for the ladies. "When you were at shows you could ask them, 'Do you have any eyeliner?' They'd be like, 'Yeah'. 'Well can you put it on me?' And they were like, 'Yeah, sure!'" he told kerrang! magazine.

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10 Brandon Flowers, 2005

The Killers frontman has a mesmerizing pair of eyes and doesn't shy away from accentuating them. As he told Time Out, the first time he swiped it on was at a Cure concert when he was 13. Badass.

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