Extracurricular Cool Women

If these women weren't cool enough, their hobbies just took them over the edge. See what these busy bodies do in their spare time.

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    Profession: Cofounder and CEO of Quincy, a clothing company

    Obsession: Choir

    When did you start singing?
    In fifth grade, when I joined the Michigan State University Children's Choir. And then?
    I sang at Emory University and Harvard Business School. 
    And now? I sing with the New York Choral Society, a volunteer chorus. Concerts are at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. 
    The audition? It was intimidating! I sang Mendelssohn's Elijah; Puccini's Messa di Gloria; and read passages in French, Italian, German, and Latin. How big is the choir? Two hundred people — a lot of them are lifers.
    Practice? One evening per week for three hours, and one Saturday a month for six hours. 
    Favorite karaoke song? Carrie Underwood's "Crazy Dreams." 
    Advice to beginners? Join a church choir, even if you aren't religious. — Jessica Flint

    Caroll Taveras
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