Extracurricular Cool Women

If these women weren't cool enough, their hobbies just took them over the edge. See what these busy bodies do in their spare time.

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    Strumming Along


    Profession: Actress in the CW series Arrow.

    Obsession: Playing the ukulele.

    Why the ukulele? When I moved to Vancouver to film Arrow, I had nothing to do on my days off. A friend said, "Get a ukulele. If you can't pick it up, then you've just wasted 30 bucks. Big deal."
    When I started, I thought: I can't do it. I have no hand-eye coordination.
    Then I realized: Any human can pick up the uke. The kind I bought, an Emus, came with a booklet of chords. I learned those, then and there. 
    Work in progress: My biggest problem is I can't play and sing at the same time yet. 
    Accessorizing: I use a shoestring as a strap. 
    Music is ... One of my favorite things. I've always envied musicians. Now I've found something that I can play. 
    What's next? The banjo! 

    GET STARTED! Holland's tip: "Look for a ukulele that's well-crafted but cheap. Think wood, not plastic."

    Meredith Jenks
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