Marie Claire's Running Tally of the Best Songs of 2017

It's litty again.

A month into 2017, and we've already had to go "Would anybody listen if this were 578 songs long?" and "What if we just made an all-Migos playlist?"

But with nearly two scores of not-too-soon-to-call-it hits and many, many more eagerly anticipated albums (ILY, Beck!!!) on the way, maybe more music is what we need now to drown out the din—or better yet, to motivate us to do something about it. So the soundtrack to our lives, right here, right now, won't be hate speech or the rattle of chains, but the twinkly Swedish folksong-dubstep (really) of Skott or Father John Misty singing the blues for a iron-deficient world that's corrupted Pepe the Frog. Or just "Bad and Boujee" on repeat forevermore. We won't judge.

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