7 Beauty Essentials for the Jetsetter

In splitting her time between two cities, Elizabeth Dehn has learned how to protect her hair and skin during air travel.

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I recently started splitting my time between Seattle and Minneapolis for work and let me tell you, it's not as glamorous as it sounds. The air travel does a real number on my hair and skin, which can quickly regress into a hot, dry mess. But, after some none-too-pretty trial and error, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Arbonne Seasource Detox Spa Sea Mud Mask ($45): Between the lack of oxygen, the polluted air, and airplane food, my face always feels bloated and dirty by the time I land. This magical deep-pore cleansing mask manages to de-puff and decongest my skin without leaving it parched.

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Eyelash Extensions ($250 and up): I am not a person who travels in a velour tracksuit. I like to feel put-together, and eyelash extensions are the easiest way to fake that. They're life changing!

Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Cream ($165): The name says it all. This deeply nourishing, restorative cream repairs skin overnight, returning it to its glowing, moisturized glory.

Tarte Emphaseyes Inner Rim Brightener ($18): I wish I had discovered this creamy, nude pencil sooner! Lightly applied to my lower rim, it instantly makes me look better-rested and prettier.

Laura Mercier Primer - Radiance ($30): Primer is the easiest way to achieve a flawless canvas, especially when it's laced with skin-brightening illuminators.

Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8): Washing my hair daily isn't a fun proposition when I get home at 1 a.m., and wake up a few hours later. I go through this powerful dry shampoo like water, which is fine because it's a total steal.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss ($23): Don't underestimate the power of pink lip gloss. Even on a red-eye, it instantly brightens your face, and it doesn't require a mirror to apply.

Elizabeth Dehn is the editor-in-chief of Beauty Bets, an award-winning blog chock-full of product reviews, wellness tips, and DIY ideas.

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