Quit Your Day Job

The Working Millennial's Guide to Withstanding Career Intimidation

Sometimes, you just have to put the Olds in their place.

How to Give an Exit Interview That's...

So it's not gonna be forever. But does it have to go down in flames?

Desk with two women working at laptops.
Friends Revolutionizing What Means to Be a Lawyer

By starting their own super progressive firm.

The 6 Emotional Stages of Having a Big Idea That...

There will be crying.

How to Take Credit at Work, Because Science Says...

It's every woman for herself.

Who*doesn't* want to leave the 9-to-5 and be their own boss? Oxygen's new docuseries 'Quit Your Day Job' is here to help. Tune in for new episodes every Friday at 7/6c to catch Marie Claire executive editor Lea Goldman and a group of successful investors as they advise entrepreneurs on how to kick ass at launching their own careers.
7 Reasons to Ditch Corporate Life

[In Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] I'll be back. HA, no, JK.

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I Quit My 6-Figure Career to Teach Yoga

Money isn't worth the misery.

5 Things You Should Always Do *After* Networking

"Never talk to the person again" isn't on this list.

Here's How to *Actually* Quit Your Day Job

You've got a killer idea and want to be your own boss. Now what?

9 Girl Bosses on How They Make Time for Themselves

Strategic scheduling, red wine, and more things some of our favorite women do to unwind.

I Went from Flat Broke to CEO

Meet three women who turned "scraping by" into "crushing it."

What Badass Bosses Know

Take your career cues from TV's HBICs and say buh-bye to fetching coffee for good.

Meet the 26-Year-Old CEO of That Chic Activewear Line You're Seeing All Over Instagram
Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney on the advantages of having no experience, networking, and how to actually have a good time working …
How NYX Founder Toni Ko Started Her Multi-Million-Dollar Business at Age 25

Get ready to take notes.

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Working with Too Many Men Is Literally Hurting Your Brain

Further proof that women should run everything.