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Letter from the Editor

This month’s theme, Money, is a hot-button topic, one that may give you goosebumps in a good—or bad—kind of way. Conversations around money, especially amongst women and people of color, can be fraught, filled with emotion and shrouded in secrecy. That’s why last year, when we began planning this digital issue, we knew we had to take a different approach. After all, you can find content around how to save for retirement or max out your investments, just about anywhere. But at MC—in addition to providing the nuts and bolts on how to get rich—this month we’re getting into how money (having it and not having it) can put women in emotionally complicated situations, such as having to decide if they want to go into debt in order to finance their fertility (The Big Business of Egg Freezing).

We’re launching two new series on Marie Claire this month, too. In How’d You Buy That House, we go deep with a different subject—from how much they put down to how they used ChatGPT and manifestation techniques—to figure how they achieved their goal of owning a home. The Cost of Starting Your Own Business discusses both the financial and mental toll that going the entrepreneur route can take on a founder’s life.

Would you have a roommate in your middle age years? In Roommates After 50, we talk to those who do and report on how they’re challenging the norm that sharing a space is only for Gen Z and Millennials. Speaking of challenging the norm, we’re also illuminating the unique issues young people building wealth face (The Stigma of New Money and I’m the First Person In My Family to Be Rich).

Pen15 fans will be delighted to read our feature with actress Maya Erskine. Starring opposite Atlanta's Donald Glover as a spy in the reimagined Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the writer and producer is changing the game for herself—and others—learning to ask for what she wants, step into her power more, and recognize her worth. No small feat in Hollywood, and incredibly inspirational to those around her. I hope you enjoy this collection of stories as you continue to cultivate a rich and fulfilling life.

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Maya Erskine Cover

Maya Erskine Wants More

The actress is trying something different, playing the part of a spy in the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But as she tells MC, there are bigger—and more personal—things she hopes to accomplish.

The Stigma of New Money

The rules for being rich are changing. Why is that a bad thing?

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The Big Business of Egg Freezing

As the popularity of the procedure rises, so too, does the pressure to do it—even when it’s not financially feasible.

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This NYC Marketing Director Used ChatGPT and Manifestation Techniques to Purchase a $900,000 Home 20 Mins From NYC

A cash gift from family for a down payment helped, too.

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Roommates After 50

Middle age can be a time of huge change: career shifts, empty nests, relationship transformations. For some, sharing a space with a housemate can be a welcome salve. It’s time we talk about that.

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Self-Doubt and Sacrifices—Dorsey’s Meg Strachan Gets Candid About Launching Her Jewelry Company

“Have we made it? From the outside, perhaps. Internally, we are working really hard to make it every single day.”

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I’m the First Person in My Family to Be Rich

Having more money than your loved ones can be complicated. As the daughter of immigrants, Sharon Pak describes navigating that reality.

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Gen Z and Millennials Are Losing Friends Over Money

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