If you're in the market for a relationship, you'e in luck! According to Match.com research, January 5th is the most popular day to look for and possibly start an online romance. The site has reported a 25-30 percent boost in traffic between Christmas and Valentine's Day—most likely because its cold (and you love to snuggle), finding a relationship is a popular New Year's resolution, and seriousy, can any more of your Facebook friends post that they're engaged?! Just make sure to prepare for the Super Bowl of online dating with these easy tips:

1. Find a new profile picture.

2. Make sure your Internet connection is working.

3. Think positive thoughts.

5. But prepare yourself for the possibility of rejection.

4. Practice flirting on your friends.

6. Brush up on your hair flip.

7. Learn to wink.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 over and over until this happens:

Eventually, this will be you.

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