Womanizer Just Unveiled the First-Ever Shower Head Sex Toy

Bringing new meaning to head in the shower.

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For many people, sexual self-pleasure is something that's discovered accidentally—when you rub up against something at an angle that's just right, when you realize that your wand massager can multitask, or when you're in a shower or jacuzzi and find that the water jets feel incredible when pointed down south. Indeed, according to a survey by sexual wellness retailer Lovehoney, around 68 percent of women under 35 have masturbated while bathing. And many online forums and articles about masturbation for beginners advise that the uninitiated (or curious, or newly initiated) begin their self-pleasure journeys by using water pressure from their shower heads. It's safe, inexpensive, gentle (so long as you keep the pressure relatively low), and doesn't involve researching different types of vibrators, dildos, and sex toys

In light of all this, beloved sex toy brand Womanizer just released a brand new sex toy that goes back to basics and makes shower self-pleasure easier and more subtle than ever before: The Womanizer Wave, a shower head that's designed for female masturbation. 

Together with premium bathroom item manufacturer hansgrohe, the brand designed this toy with a sleek, ergonomic shape designed for easy, one-handed use. The shower head is made from high-quality, lightweight ABS material, and contains a control that allows users to adjust the intensity level and pattern of the water pressure. Whether you're using the product to bathe or to have a little fun, you can choose between three luxurious jets: pleasure jet, pleasure whirl, or powder rain. Based on two years of research and testing, the Womanizer Wave was found to be 94 percent more pleasant, 88 percent more arousing, and 86 percent more suitable for self-pleasure than regular showerheads.

Finally, this first-of-its-kind product comes in chrome, black, or white, so it can blend in seamlessly with your existent bathroom décor. It's discreet and practical, marrying the logic behind the most customizable and best vibrators as well as the most effective, high-quality shower heads. With this concept, Womanizer is seeking to smash the taboo and inaccessibility of female masturbation by making it more everyday.

Excited to make shower head a new part of your daily routine? Me, too. You can shop the Womanizer Wave, along with its corresponding hose and a shower head adapter, at Lovehoney's website now.

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