The Ambition Issue

A celebration of striving for success in whatever's most important to you.

Ariana DeBose

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Ambition has not always served women well, at times branding them "try-hards" or leading them to burnout. But knowing what you want and going for it isn't a bad thing. That's why we're reclaiming the word with our Ambition Issue, a celebration of striving for success in whatever's most important to you—whether that's your current career (or a completely new one), your home life, or even your well-being. 

Ariana DeBose in a mustard colored two piece set

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When you win an Oscar for your first major film role, where do you go from there? All the way to the top.

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Maybe you’re over hustle culture. Maybe you’re done never saying no. Okay, but first: Can we tell you about a side of the buzzy character trait that no one is talking about?

You may not recognize all of them...yet, but these 22 individuals have delivered some of the most triumphant on-screen performances in recent memory.

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Where some say you can make your body and mind feel, look, and function decades younger.

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In an excerpt from her memoir, Alisha Fernandez Miranda takes a one-year break from her role as CEO at a consulting firm to try out the jobs she's always dreamed of doing.