Liz Bentley

Liz Bentley

Career Coach

Liz Bentley is the founder of Liz Bentley Associates, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development programs for individuals and companies. Drawing upon her background in psychology, previous experience in sales and management, and a lifetime of experience in competitive sports, Liz has a unique appreciation of mindset and the power it has to change patterns of behavior. Liz received her BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia and her coaching certification from New York University.

Woman addressing her team
How to Lead a Big Meeting With Confidence

You've got this.

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Creative businesswoman texting on cell phone in office
How Do I Fight Burnout and Get Reenergized for Work?

"I’m more tired and less motivated to do my job. How do I 'reset' in the new year?"

I Have a Work-Life Imbalance. What Can I Do?

Many people are successful because they are great at being highly responsive. But where do you draw the line?

Problems With Your Coworkers? Here's How to Deal

"I don’t need them to be my friends, but we need to get along. What can I do?"

Should I Become a Manager?
Is Turning Down a Managerial Role Career Sabotage?

"I keep getting pressure to move to a management role, but I'd rather stay a specialist. What should I do?"

When Is It Time to Give Up on a Professional Dream?

Marie Claire's resident career coach answers the tough questions.

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How to Climb the Corporate Ladder—No Matter Your Company

Tips from our career coach for landing that manager title.

How Do I Find a Mentor?
How to Find a Mentor at Work According to a Career Coach

Having a mentor as a guide can be life-changing or just a great help at certain points in your career.

Beautiful Businesswoman Working At The Office
How to Get That Promotion You've Been Dreaming About

Career coach Liz Bentley outlines the three steps to getting ahead.

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UK, London, businesswoman in underground train looking at cell phone
Advice for Navigating Social Media and Work
Our virtual presence and identity has become as prominent and, in many ways, as important, as our physical one. So understanding the ch…
Help! All These Holiday Events Are Starting to Feel Like Obligations

Our career coach Liz Bentley talks getting back in the spirit.

I'm Stuck at My Job and I Can't Seem to Get Out

I apply and apply and...nothing.

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Should I Hide My Office Romance?

Career coach Liz Bentley talks dating in the workplace.

What Do I Do If I'm So Overwhelmed with Work I Can't See Straight?

Our career coach Liz Bentley talks managing it all.

What Do I Do If I Hate My Boss?

Our career coach Liz Bentley tells it to you straight.