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reese witherspoon
Avon Goes Globetrotting — and Invites You to Sing a Song
Avon is celebrating its 125th anniversary this week in Atlanta, kicking off a 16-city global tour to raise awareness about violence aga…
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captured suicide bomber's vest
When the Suicide Bomber is a Woman
Why are women signing up to be suicide bombers?
noor almaleki
Marie Claire Wins Journalism Prize
Marie Claire wins the prestigious Front Page Award from the Newswomen's Club of New York for editor-at-large Abigail Pesta's shocking s…
breast cancer awareness ribbon
Do Viral Trends Help Raise Breast Cancer Awareness?
The newest Facebook meme has women posting that they "like it on the couch" and "in the backseat of my car" in support of breast cancer…
Is Your Office Too Quiet?
A quiet office is bad for worker productivity.
Coffee Still the Best Way to Stay Alert
If another sleep-deprived day in the office has you looking for that elusive nap room, look no further than the kitchen coffee
Bad for Your Career: A Hardworking Husband
Women married to workaholic men are more likely to quit their jobs.
The Lazarus Effect: Fight AIDS in Africa for 40 Cents a Day
A new HBO movie examines the harrowing epidemic and just how easy it is to help those living with the disease.
mens and womens public bathroom signs
Relief Measures
A bill dubbed the Potty Parity Act would make sure federal workplaces provide at least as many women's bathrooms as men's rooms.
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woman looking over another womans shoulder on laptop
The Dangers of Female Bullies at the Workplace
A new study reveals that nearly half of on-the-job bullying is women targeting other women.
a lot of different colored juices
4 Ways to Get Your Juice On
In health-minded circles, "juicing" has become a buzzword and not in the steroid-abuse way. Fresh vegetable juice drinkers extol the p…
Pornland Porn Facts
We previewed a new book by sociologist Gail Dines that sheds new light on the traditionally shady porn industry. Here's five, ah, "fun"…
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Marie Claire Wins Overseas Press Club Award
Read the acclaimed story about women who are fattened up to increase their chances of getting married.
roshaneh zafar
6 Inspiring Women from Around the World
Meet the six phenomenal women honored at the annual Vital Voices gala