If I Were a Makeup Artist, This Is Why Chanel Would Absolutely Be in My Kit

Chanel products are the key to French-inspired makeup.

If I Were a Makeup Artist, This Is Why Chanel Would Absolutely Be in My Kit
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In 1926, Chanel revolutionized the fashion industry with the creation of the little black dress. The garment graced the cover of Vogue and quickly gained footing in the cultural zeitgeist, cementing its place as an "iconic" piece of clothing. It only makes sense that Chanel would also be the little black dress of makeup.

Chanel makes the kind of makeup you'd find backstage at fashion weeks worldwide (and it is!). The brand's products are straightforward, easy to use, and really hard to mess up while still feeling cutting-edge. With foundations that look like second skin, lipsticks that won't budge, and easy-to-manipulate eyeliners that help you draw the most flawless wing every time, the brand is full of products that help make your makeup game easier and look better. Ahead, read my in-depth reviews of the brand's best sellers.

The Look

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Katie B after, Chanel Beauty

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I feel like I'm always chasing that "French-girl" makeup look—think effortless-looking eye makeup, blurred-out lips that give you a just-been-kissed effect, and frost-bitten cheeks. No brand makes this look easier to achieve than Chanel. Every Chanel product feels like a piece of Parisian beauty in a bottle—the products are smart, beginner friendly, and, best of all, perfect for enhancing your natural beauty. 

You can keep reading for my detailed product reviews, but from a birds-eye view, Chanel products are the perfect addition for anyone who likes more subdued, natural-looking makeup but wants it to look the absolute best it possibly can. It goes without saying that Chanel is a luxury brand, so it's also better suited for someone who is happy to make a splurge on high-quality products. 

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