15 Game-Changing Beauty Essentials

The makeup, skincare, and hair products you should always, always pack in your carry-on for travel.

beauty essentials
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When the COVID-19 pandemic first kicked into gear, I was determined not to leave New York City. I wanted to stick around to be close to my friends, my roommate's cat, and all my favorite restaurants. But when I got a panicked call from my mom on the same day that I was given notice to work from home, I decided it was time to pack up and head to San Francisco, my hometown. I thought that I would be home for only a few weeks; I packed just one carry-on bag with the belief that I'd be back in New York in no time.

Now I find myself (in my parent's kitchen) with a rotating set of six wardrobe pieces and only a fraction of my 3.4-ounce carry-on-approved beauty necessities. Thankfully, the few products I packed are the best of the best. Scroll on to find out the products that make up my quarantine beauty essentials—ones that you, too, can buy and take everywhere with you (when we can travel again).