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The Best Cream Blushes of 2021

For that healthy, just-worked-out flush.

model blush
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There's just something so alluring about cream blush. I haven't found another product that gives you the same sweaty, suggestive flush. While powder blushes are an undeniable staple, they take a bit of strategizing to figure out. Do you smile when applying to get it on the apples of your cheeks? Do you have to put on powder before, so that the blush goes on smoothly? Cream blushes, on the other hand, are the natural progression of your mom applying lipstick on her cheeks. Easy and effortless.

For years, I simply refused to wear blush at all. It wasn't until a sweet Sephora employee turned me onto these cream variations that I realized that not only did my skin look healthier, but also sculpted and cool. Part of the draw of cream blushes is the versatility. You don't need a brush to apply them, and most can be used as lip tints and cream eye shadows, too. For traveling, I consider cream blushes to be an essential, because not only do I not need to bring as many makeup products, but I'll never open my bag to see a shattered powder compact. These cream blushes are the best of the best, with so many shades and textures to choose from that you might as well get two…or three…or four….

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The Refillable Blush
Cream Blush
Kjaer Weis

With such beautiful packaging, it's almost overkill that the blush inside is just as gorgeous. Coming in a range of five shades, this clean beauty brand offers a blush that's moisturizing and buildable, so you can get the coverage you want. Even better, once you've used all this blush up (and you will, trust me) you can buy a replacement and keep the sleek, metal compact for an environmentally-conscious buy. 

The Subtle Compact
Convertible Color
Stila Cosmetics

Stila's cream blush is a staple in the beauty industry. With beeswax as a key ingredient, this product is incredibly blendable and hydrating. While some cream blushes can become patchy or sticky, the finish on this product will feel almost like a powder but more luminous and fresh for an off-duty model look.

The Lip + Cheek Combo
BeachPlease Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm
Tower 28 Beauty sephora.com

This balm is made to work on both lips and cheeks, which should give you an idea of how hydrating and practical it is. After pulling this compact out of your purse, swipe onto lips then dab the excess on your cheeks. You skin will look so flushed and dewy that people might wonder what—or who—you were just doing.

The Watercolor Flush
Cloud Paint
Glossier glossier.com

It's so nice when a product lives up to the hype. Glossier's no-makeup makeup appeal applies to this blush, which will help create a believable flush. It's sheer enough to let your natural skin breathe, while still improving your overall complexion. For anyone looking for a quick fix that doesn't require too many makeup skills, this blush is your new best friend.

The Best Shade Range
Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush
Fenty Beauty sephora.com

If this is the blush that will give me Rihanna's glowy, sexy flush then sign me up. This product comes in 10 stunning shades, including some unexpected bright colors that somehow blend naturally. Don't let the pigment in the compact scare you—these blushes apply subtly on the skin, so you never end up with clown cheeks. 

The Shimmering Duo
Crème Cream Blush & Highlighter Duo
Kosas sephora.com

This clean beauty blush boasts two products for the price of one. On one side is a buildable blush that blends like no other. On the other side is a highlighter so you can really dive into the dewy look. Not only does this product make your cheeks look gorge, but hero ingredients like rosehip oil actually nourish your skin while you're wearing it.

The Intense Cream
Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment
ILIA sephora.com

This color payoff is intense. For people who don't want to go through the trouble of buying makeup if it makes it look they don't have anything on, meet your new secret weapon. The tiniest bit goes a long way. Blended on cheeks, it'll give you a sculpted look, but on lips you will achieve a glorious matte finish. I personally apply it on my eyes too for a '90s monochromatic moment. 

The Skin-First Blush
No Makeup Blush
Perricone MD sephora.com

For anyone who's new to wearing blush and may not be sold, this product is a great first step. The color is universally flattering, and the liquid-gel formula is so easy to apply, even for amateurs. If that's not enough, this blush contains amazing skincare benefits, like vitamin C and ginger extract that brighten the skin. 

The Rose-Scented Sheer Cream
Cream Blush
Clé de Peau nordstrom.com

Clé de Peau, the gatekeepers of perfect skin, created an oil-infused blush that gives the sheerest flush. With four shades in the range, this blush is ideal for those with dry skin who don't want their makeup to exacerbate any problem areas. No one will be able to spot the obvious signs of makeup, but they'll know that you look good

The Matte Flush
Divine Duo Lip & Cheek
lilah b.

This clean beauty line created something unexpected: matte cream blush. While "cream" and "dewy" seem to go together so often, for those who aren't into the shiny look, this product is a wish come true. It's a long-wearing tint can be applied to lips, cheeks, and eyes for a matte but moisturizing makeup look.


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