12 Things You Should Never Say to a Beauty Junkie

Unless it's about my new invigorating face mask, I'm not listening.

Lip, Red, Art, Artwork, Painting, Coquelicot, Art paint, Paint, Drawing, Illustration,
Lip, Red, Art, Artwork, Painting, Coquelicot, Art paint, Paint, Drawing, Illustration,
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1. Most men: "I like natural girls, though." You like natural looking girls. As in, they're not painted in a rainbow of colors. But they most definitely have at least four products on that flawless face.

2. Whoa! That lipstick is dark! Thanks, that's what I was going for. Next time let's go with, "Whoa! That lipstick looks great!"

3. You take your hair very, very seriously. Can't stop, won't stop.

4. Can I use your eye cream? That eye cream costs more than my yearly salary, but sure. Just keep in mind, the slogan "because you're worth it" refers to me in this situation.

5. Why do you have three moisturizers? It's called seasonal skincare! This face has needs, people.

6. Gosh, it looks like you're wearing so much makeup. Makeup is supposed to be fun. If I want to wear neon eye shadow one day and false lashes the next, that's what I'm doing.

7. I need new products! Tell me everything! Give me reccommendations! I love beauty products and love talking about them just as much. But, it's 3pm on Thursday and I'm on deadline.

8. You look SO different without makeup on. Is that good? Is that bad? I'm never sure. Thanks?

9. These nail polishes all look exactly the same. No, these nail polishes are not all the same color and I hate you for saying that.

10. Don't you get tired of always putting yourself together? Do you ever get tired of feeling confident and looking great?

11. You spend more time with your hairstylist than you do with your friends or family. I love her more than life itself. What she can do with a round brush is pure magic.

12. What would your hair look like if you just didn't use any product? Not like this, that's for sure.