Nicki Minaj Just Did a Complete 180 with Her Hair

"Oh my god, look at her bob."

Getty Images

She used to change her hairstyle daily, but the Nicki Minaj of recent memory is all about her jet black, pin-straight, and torso-length hair. The sleek look is decidedly chic, but I can't lie, I've missed Minaj's day-to-day switch-ups. She keeps us guessing with her emotions and I'd like her beauty to be just as unpredictable.

Thankfully, the queen of hip-hop has heard my cry and answered with a fierce AF blonde bob wig, seemingly for a shoot. "Grizz said when my hair is blonde, I act 'blonde'. she's bak bitch 😬," she wrote on Instagram, boasting some exposed roots to boot.

There are many interpretations of what acting "blonde" means, but I know for certain: Minaj will be living her best blonde.

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