Preventative Haircare Is Trending—This Is What You Should Use

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We all know about preventative skincare. We wear sunscreen every day, spend way too much money on facials, and stay far, far away from tanning beds. This got me thinking, though—what if you could do the same for your hair?

It turns out that Stanford dermatologist James Kilgour, MD, thinks you should. He's been in the world of scalp care for years, way before it became trendy on TikTok. It all started when he was treating patients in his dermatology practice. "I've seen many patients with male and female pattern hair thinning, which is most likely inherited," he says. "They would be in disbelief since their parents had a full head of hair. And despite my years of training, I didn't have a good solution for this specific problem."

But a few years ago, Kilgour came across a study that completely changed everything he knew about hair growth. TLDR: A healthy scalp sets the stage for healthy hair (that grows like crazy, by the way).

This led to the development of his eponymous line, KilgourMD, and his breakthrough Prevention Scalp Serum. Think of it like sunscreen for your scalp—your preventative step to protect your hair from environmental damage, maintain the health of your scalp, and even reduce the appearance of hair thinning by 30%.

But let's back up and talk about how the hair serum works. Simply put, it tackles all three causes of hair thinning: hormonal, age-related, and environmental. It also contains a unique blend of potent ingredients including vitamin C, zinc, and pea sprout extract that protects, strengthens, and soothes your scalp and hair follicles. Pretty cool, right? You bet I'm going to add this to my haircare routine stat.

If you're already experiencing hair thinning, you're in good hands with Kilgour. His line also includes the equally amazing Treatment Scalp Serum, which combats existing hair thinning with soothing ingredients such as ginseng, rosemary, and turmeric that help stimulate hair growth. Want to know which serum is right for you? See below for a breakdown of both superstar serums.

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