"Unicorns" Do Exist

Of some 270 "unicorns"—companies valued at more than $1 billion—only a small percentage are led by women. Meet the female founders who are changing the face of Silicon Valley success. 

image What It's Like to Be the Boss of a $6 Billion Company

Tan Hooi Ling, cofounder of the app Grab, shares her business advice.

image Aileen Lee: You Don't Need a Ph.D. from MIT to Create a Billion-Dollar Company

The venture capitalist shares her thoughts on the current state of fundraising.

image You Better Have Grit If You Want This Venture Capitalist to Invest In Your Company

Backstage Capital's Arlan Hamilton shares what she looks for in prospective investments.

image Want to Build a Business? Learn to Compartmentalize

Nextdoor cofounder Sarah Leary shares how she scaled her company.

image Why Failure Was Never an Option for Canva's CEO

Melanie Perkins, the newest member of the Unicorn Club, shares her tips for making it big in business.

image How to Raise $182 Million in Funding

Cloudflare co-founder and COO, Michelle Zatlyn, talks about building a multi-billion-dollar company.

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image How I'm Celebrating and Investing in Black Brilliance

Kathryn Finney is empowering Black and Latinx female founders.

image These Billion-Dollar Women Are Changing The Face of Silicon Valley

"Unicorns"—companies valued at more than $1 billion—do exist, and their female CEOs are sharing how they built their empires.