The Dos and Don'ts of Office Happy Hour
Remember: Loose lips sink ships.
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Confessions of a Kiss-Ass: How Being "Perfect" Almost Ruined My Career
There is a difference between sucking up and managing up.
Is Doing It All the New "Having It All"? A Look at the Changing Face of Women's Careers
Women are trading the traditional 9-to-5 for a career that combines consulting gigs, freelance jobs, and budding startups—often all at …
Shonda Rhimes Has Some Powerful Words About Women in Hollywood
"I haven't broken through any glass ceilings."
The 2015 List of Best Places to Work
In-N-Out Burger? We're into it.
devil wears prada emily gisele
15 Work Crises Every Twentysomething Understands
Why was it was easier to teach your mother emojis than it was for IT to call you back with an actual solution for your problem in a not…
6 Times College Didn't Prepare You for the Working World
Learn how you can get prepared for the working world — come to Cosmo's Fun Fearless Life Conference — get your tickets at FunFearlessLi…
How To Completely Change Your Career
Fox News's Lea Gabrielle went from a 12-year career in the United States Navy to serving as an correspondent for Fox News. We found out…
getting a pay raise in a recession
Getting Fired: What No One Tells You
Why getting fired could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
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harold and kumar Go to White Castle, 2004
Irritable Boss Syndrome
My boss gets moody every time he finishes a phone call with his wife, then takes it out on our whole team, often yelling at us. Do we h…