How Do I Work With My Peers after a Promotion?

Dear CC: I'm 28 years old, and I've just been promoted to department manager. Which is great, except that my department consists of 10 people I used to hang out with, drink with, talk about sex with. How do I take control?

CC was promoted to a huge job at just your age and found that peers are far less accommodating than those a few years older. The chums' attitude seemed to be, Why did CC get the big bump; what about me? The way to show you're in charge is not to blatantly show you're in charge. Do your job and do it well, with humility, but no false "Aw, shucks, it could have been any of us" BS. You're management now, kiddo, and they're going to bitch about you the way you bitched about your boss. No more hanging out with the old gang, alas, and watch those company gatherings. CC quietly begins the night with club soda so that by 2 a.m., when on to pinot, everyone admires the partying prowess. The stuff of bosses, my friend.

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