Money Diet, Week 4: How much do you spend on lunch?

So my goal for May's money diet was to spend less on eating out, and more importantly to stop buying my lunch at work. On Sunday, I went grocery shopping and spent $20.27 on lunch ingredients (plus string cheeses to ward off vending machine cravings). That would mean I'm averaging about $4.00 a day (or less, since some of these ingredients will last longer than a week). That's an improvement over the nearly $7.00 (sometimes more) I was spending a day on lunch at my office cafeteria.

And since I'm always looking for ways to save, I wanted to turn you on to I signed up yesterday and this morning, I got my first "Sale Mail" with items from designers I selected that are currently on sale in my size. They found me a great dress marked down to $130 from $218 that would be perfect for work and even after-work happy hours. I will probably never buy full-price again—that may be an exaggeration, but this site is seriously that great. And it only gets better. If you tell 10 people about the site, you can get a $10 gift card at your choice of J.Crew, Bloomingdales or Banana Republic. Shop smart and pass on the savings!

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