Help! My Coworkers Act Like Frat Boys

Help! My Coworkers Act Like Frat Boys

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Dear CC: I work in a male-heavy office where banter often

leads to sexual jokes about the female receptionist. I don't want to make a big

deal of it, but I do think their talk is offensive. Should I just laugh along

like one of the guys?

You're not one of the guys, but you don't want to come off

like the Church Lady, either. Try affecting the world-weary condescension women

reserve for frat boys everywhere: "Yeah, guys, we all know that Nikki at

the front desk is sporting a lovely pair, but c'mon. That kind of stuff doesn't

bother me, but if Ms. Tight Sphincter in accruals walks past and hears it,

you're toast. And you know I'd miss you all so much."

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