What Lengths Will You Go To For Extra Cash?

Startling fact: 51,000 jobs were cut in July, according to the Labor Department. There's no denying or avoiding this harrowing layoff trend. Are you pocketing extra savings in case the dreaded pink slip comes your way?

Some people are resorting to some pretty crazy tactics. CNN recently reported that reproductive centers are witnessing a spike in women wanting to donate their eggs. When I was in college, the ad section (neatly tucked around the crossword puzzle) was chock full of requests luring cash-strapped college students to donate their eggs in exchange for $10,000 or more. Ladies, tempting as it may sound, donating eggs is no walk in the park. It's an invasive procedure that can be rife with potential health problems. It's certainly an extreme way to earn an extra buck. A friend of mine went the more conventional route and signed up as a mystery shopper, testing out new restaurants and writing reviews for some quick cash.

How are you getting by? Applying for a second job? Asking for more hours at the office?

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