I Know My Coworker is Looking For Jobs - Should I Tell The Boss?

Dear Cubicle Coach:

For the past few weeks now, I've been hearing my cubicle mate line up interviews at other firms. I know it's really none of my business, but should I be très sneaky and tell our supervisor — then try to snag her bigger, better-paying job for myself?

Dear Eavesdropper:

Better yet, let it play out. What's that old line, "Opportunity plus preparation equals luck"? You have just been handed an opportunity. So now comes preparation. Pray she lands that new job at the next office park over (if she's loudly planning her exit strategy, chances are she'll be out of there soon). Because the minute she resigns, you're in your boss's office with your carefully articulated reasons why you're ready for the next step, how you would do the job, and how you would go about replacing yourself. You've just saved the boss two recruiting chores. Good "luck" all around.

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