Could You Work Out at Work?

Talk about multitasking. A number of companies are selling "treadmill desks" — basically, treadmills hooked up to a computer desk. Users generally walk at a relaxed pace, anywhere from less than a mile an hour to two miles an hour, so they can still send e-mails, read reports, and field phone calls somewhat comfortably. Vendors claim that working on a treadmill desk allows you to burn 100 calories an hour and lose one to two pounds a week.

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The machines are the invention of Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, who says the desks can be a valuable tool in fighting obesity.

But treadmill desks can be pricey. This Steelcase model will set you back about $5000. One blogger, though, describes a way that you can make your own desk for under $50.

What are your thoughts? Would you work out at work?

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