These Are the Highest Paying Jobs in America

Get the paycheck you deserve, stat.

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Want to make a ton of money in your next job? There's some bad news: you'll have to go back to school. Company-rating site Glassdoor crunched the numbers of its users who shared their salaries over the past year to figure out which jobs made the most cash. And it's apparently not the Wall Street traders who are making the most bank—it's doctors and lawyers.

Physicians took the top position, with a median base salary of $180,000. They had a big advantage over the second-place spot, lawyers, who had a median base salary of $144,500, and the third-place research and development managers, who made $142,120.

The company's data focused on jobs with 75 or more salary reports each in the past year, and excluded C-suite positions that would skew the numbers too much. Check out the top 10 highest paying jobs in America below, and see the full list at Glassdoor

  1. Physician
  2. Lawyer
  3. Research & Development Manager
  4. Software Development Manager
  5. Pharmacy Manager
  6. Strategy Manager
  7. Software Architect
  8. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer
  9. IT Manager
  10. Solutions Architect

Guess it might be time to look into some programs...

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